Landscaping in Hickory, NC

Transforming Landscapes into Scenic Views

Transforming Landscapes into Scenic Views

At Scenic View Landscapes, our professionally trained teams perform landscape design, installation, and horticultural garden maintenance for both residential and commercial properties in the Hickory, Lake Norman, and Catawba Valley areas.

Trust the Experts

Trust the Experts

Our mission at Scenic View Landscapes is to strive for excellence in creative design innovation, professional integrity, and quality business practices that exceed client expectations. Each project we install and maintain reflects a direct connection with our passion for landscaping at the highest quality.

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We are honored to transform your landscape into SCENIC VIEWS you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Please take the time to explore our photo gallery and read client testimonials. We look forward to hearing from you!

Designing For Beauty and Pleasure

Designing For Beauty and Pleasure

When it comes to our homes, that haven where we send precious time with family and friends, the environment should be be beautiful, peaceful, and in alignment with our lifestyle. We visualize a lovely yard and gardens, but we don’t know where to begin. Our outdoor living space doesn’t look like our dream property. I have discovered the best place to start — Scenic View Landscapes. Making an appointment is easy, and consultation in Kevin Sipe’s design office will get your dream of a beautifully landscaped home from drawing board to lawn party, patio dining, peaceful hideaway, or scenic view in short order. You don’t have to know how to begin; Kevin will help you make it happen.


Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Would you like to have a scenic view right in your own yard? Give us a call or fill out the form here so our creative sales staff can set up a meeting to speak with you specifically about your next project.

How can I landscape like a pro?

Select the proper mulch variety and thickness of the application to best suit your landscape needs for weed suppression, soil stability, and aesthetics. Remember, applying mulch too thick can be as much or more damaging to plants and trees than not applying mulch at all.

What is landscaping design?

A well thought out and creative landscape design, by far, provides more exciting end results. By investing a few hundred dollars for a quality design, thousands can be saved by not having to dig something back up or re-do something later because it was not what you really wanted.

How can I use landscaping for more privacy?

Many times landscaping may be viewed as only an “extra” to add to a property’s aesthetics. Function and security are also achieved when installing a privacy border to screen areas of your property and home from outside views.

Where to start with landscaping?

In North Carolina, we are blessed with being able to work in our landscapes in all months of the year. While the winters are cold, roots are being developed as the plant tops are dormant; therefore, mulching and plant installations are good to perform in the winter. The spring and summer months are exciting as the sleeping plants wake up and fill our yards with color, shade, and fragrance. Pruning, shearing, and dead-heading, and weeding are mainly performed during these growing seasonal months. In the midst of the cooler fall months, re-seeding of lawns and large planting projects are good to have on the agenda as the stress on the plants and turf areas reduced.

How can I use landscaping to protect foundation and control water runoff problems?

Grading soil away from your house or structure is always as best practice. Installation of gutter down spout drain lines under the grade and extending them away from the house before they “daylight” helps keep your foundation dry. Stone swales, catch basin drains, and grading with sod or high-quality seed can help divert runoff water to the areas you want it to go.

Are landscaping improvements tax deductible?

While your accountant can answer this question as it relates specifically to your property, some cities and towns will provide incentives and grants to install landscaping to help beautify the city. As you look to sell your property, landscaping is always a large player in its curb appeal. The landscape is the first and last impressionable piece of the property when someone views it. 

I have a small front yard, do I really need landscaping?

The landscape is the first and last thing someone sees when they are looking to purchase a home or business. Sometimes a poor landscape is hard for a buyer to look past while an inviting and well-maintained landscape can create the excitement that makes it hard for a buyer to pass up.


We first contacted Scenic View to get some ideas on landscape design.  They were very responsive and came up with a design that we were very pleased with.  During the design process, they gave us many options and asked a lot of questions to make sure we got what we wanted.  The finished product turned out very well and continues to improve as the plants mature.  As is probably the case in any large project, several plants did not survive, however, they were quick to replace them at no charge.  After the initial installation, we decided to have Scenic View do the monthly maintenance on the plants as well.  They are very professional and I would highly recommend them.

Raymond von Drehle


They say you get what you pay for.  Scenic View has been wonderful to deal with from day one.  Kevin listens to your ideas and then applies his expertise to ensure your total satisfaction with the job.  We highly recommend Scenic View for all your landscape needs.

John and Sharon Barber


We are extremely pleased with Scenic View Landscapes’ design, installation, and maintenance of our landscape.  Kevin is very flexible, coming out on short notice to perform maintenance.  The team is professional and courteous, calling ahead to provide details of the work to be completed and performing their tasks with meticulous detail and clean-up.  Our landscape has beautiful color in all seasons and is well maintained, making it a joy to entertain guests.

Dr. Jeff and Leslie Knapp


Scenic View took our idea for a water feature and extended the concept to include a stream with multiple waterfalls ending in a pond.  The plantings tied the water feature to existing gardens to create a beautiful backyard environment.  We are pleased with the design and installation of Kevin Sipe and his crew.

Kevin closely monitored the construction, answering questions and adjusting details of the project throughout the process.  His crew members kept us informed as well and were knowledgeable, hard working, polite, and respectful of us and our property.  At the end of the work day, the crew would pick up construction debris, tidy up materials, and blow the drives and walks.  It was obvious that they had been well trained, were dedicated to doing a great job, and had pride in their work.

We are very satisfied with the wonderful job completed by Scenic View and are pleased to recommend them.

Bob and Deborah Godfrey


We have chosen Scenic View Landscapes over and over again for our landscape design and installation because of their superior professional service, their ability to provide timelines and deliver on them, and their commitment to get the job done correctly and with a level of perfectionism that is rare to find.  We love working with Kevin and all his employees and will continue to choose them in the future.

Dr. David and Jennifer Duralia


Scenic View and Kevin Sipe have taken care of our business and home landscape needs since 2004.  I highly recommend their designs, installation, and maintenance programs.  Their teams are professional and efficient.  I plan to use their services in the future.

Dr. Chris Reese


We have had the privilege of working with Kevin and his crew at Scenic View Landscapes on three projects at our home.  Two projects were hardscapes, and one was landscape.  All of our projects started and ended as promised with results more than we expected.  We have also now chosen to have Kevin oversee our lawn maintenance.  It is rare to find such professionalism and attention to detail.  Kevin is such a joy to work with, and we have referred him to several of our friends.  We look forward to working with Scenic View Landscapes on our future projects!

Jennifer Brooks


I wanted to make a couple comments on your crew and work—all three guys were terrific, hard working, and professional. I commented several times to Dave that I appreciated his efforts—he really never stopped working from the time he arrived on site until he left, and these guys had some terrible working conditions given the heat last week.  Wayne and Rick worked hard, and Dave kept them hopping, primarily by leading by example.  I also liked how they cleaned up every night.  I think this is important at a job site.  Jan and I learned that when we built our house in Corning where the crew had a similar work ethic—it was impressive!  Please let all three guys know we appreciated the quality of their work.

Steve Swanson


Just wanted to tell you the guys finished up and it looks great!  They are hard workers and don’t goof off!  Just thought you’d like to know that.  Thanks for a job well done!

Shelly Madrid


Kevin Sipe drew up a landscape design for Hickory High School in 2005.  I was a parent volunteer on the PTA Board.  As money became available, Scenic View Landscapes installed the gardens from the Master Plan.  This was a major project that took four years to complete.  We now have a beautiful campus for the students, faculty, and community to enjoy thanks to Kevin and Scenic View. 

Kevin has an eye for landscape design and the knowledge needed to implement it.  He is a pleasure to work with.  He is prompt, reliable, and takes pride in his work.  I would highly recommend Kevin and Scenic View for your landscape needs.

Bonnie Bishop